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  • Joint Health & Mobility

  • Exercise Recovery & Repair

  • Gut Health & Immune Support

  • Skin, Coat & Hoof Health

Study with the University of Guelph

At Structure, we believe in the power and importance of scientific research to validate the safety and efficacy of our products. That’s why we partnered with the world renowned institute and experts at the University of Guelph to conduct a 2 year research study on our Structure Joint+ formula.

Our mission is to arm Canadian veterinarians with the highest quality, science-backed nutritional supplements to help them fully optimize the health, wellbeing and performance of their equine and canine clients.

Wholesome, healthy ingredients.

Our products contain natural, high-quality, human-grade ingredients carefully selected for their health-promoting properties. Each ingredient is crucial in supporting your horse or dog’s well-being.

  • Cranberry Oil
  • Soybean Oil
  • Vitamin E
  • Wild-Caught Fish Oil